Monday, 20 June 2011

Retro Choruses Week - Shine Jesus Shine

To mark the Solstice, we're declaring this to be "Retro Choruses Week".

Today to celebrate "Shine Jesus Shine" we're all going to be wearing chunky sweaters and toothy grins.

Singing the first verse we're going to remember it wasn't so bad after all, bringing back memories of the "Squelch for Jesus", that time the heavens opened while we were walking round the quieter estates of Milton Keynes. But, as is traditional, in the third verse the music group will start mumbling as they realise they can't quite remember the words and can't see the OHP. The OHP sheet will, also in keeping with tradition, have been hand-written, in a hurry, by somebody with poor handwriting. Who doesn't possess a proper overhead projector pen.

To get that authentic "1989" feeling, we will then sing the last chorus 73 times, until we decide it's time to bury it for another 20 years.

On those congregations whose musical leaders still think this song is trendy, have mercy.


  1. I'm afraid I have to be blunt with you this time: you bastard. I had managed to forget that 'song' quite nicely, until you reminded me again. Now it's stuck in my brain again. Bastard.

  2. Our Amateur Talent Contest (oops, I mean All Age Service) leadership are even worse than that - they inflict the clapping Gloria on us.

    Glori-Ah! Clap! Clap! Glori-AH! CLAP! CLAP!... repeat ad nauseam

    If I accidentally turn up to one of those services I have to force it out of my head with copious quantities of Einstuerzende Neubauten afterwards.

  3. Your prayers for mercy are appreciated. I don't think it's considered trendy round our way, unless it's in an ironic and knowing fashion. Which is too much mental gymnastics for me. But it is certainly a chorus that will not go away. Ever.

    I already have the toothy (with a smidgen of rictus) grin. I'll get knitting...


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