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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nativity of Gregor Mendel (1820)

Today we celebrate a great monk and scientist.
We have hunted for evidence that he lost his faith, gave wild parties, or once employed a former journalist from the News of the World. Unsuccessfully. We reckon he was just a good guy and a decent scientist (albeit one who accidentally created a race of killer bees).

Young Keith won't be joining us, he's in the Stretching Room trying to create a race of long-necked spiders. Some people won't be told.

Introit: Four Peas - a Jolly Good Fellow

Confessional: The Gene Genie

Gradual: Don't be silly, this is genetics,.not blending inheritance.

Offertory: Runny from the bee

Recessional: All we are saying, is give peas a chance.

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