Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Liturgy of nice things

The Procession processes in. At the front, the Iconifer holds up a very nice "Pantocrator". Not one of those where Jesus looks a bit stern.  It is placed on the Icon-holding thing at the fron You know, the kind of easel jobby.

All: Ah, nice!

The Archdruid enters, wearing a new liturgical poncho. It has a picture of a chihuahua and a baby Siamese on the front, and on the back the words "The kitty shall lie down with the puppy" - in Elvish Runes with an English translation.

All: Ah, Nice!

Hnaef enters, holding before him a platter with a large cob loaf on it. The smell of fresh-baked bread permeates the Worship Space or, as it may be, rustic thatched chapel..

All: Ah, Nice!

Candles are lit - lovely unbleached wax ones. We reflect on the beauty of unadorned things.

All: Ah, Nice!

Pictures are projected on the wall - favourite grandchildren, much-loved holiday locations and a penguin on the seafront at Southend.

All: Ah, Nice!

We hear a reading of the pretty bits from TS Eliot's "Little Gidding".

All: Ah, Nice!

Some Tibetan Prayer Gongs are struck, solemnly and yet not dolefully.

All: Ah, Nice!

Cups of Earl Grey are passed round in proper bone china, not Woodsware "Beryl". Hnaef plays selections of popular show tunes on the piano.

All: Ah, Nice!

Archdruid: And have a nice biscuit?

All: Don't mind if I do.

Archdruid: Nice blessings on you!

All: And also with you!

We leave, feeling peaceful and yet, somehow, slightly hollow.


  1. Sounds a bit like the Chimps tea party!!

  2. "Some Tibetan Prayer Gongs are struck, solemnly and yet not dolefully."

    "We leave, feeling peaceful and yet, somehow, slightly hollow."

    Don't often LOL, but LOL.


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