Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Rogues Unlimited - the Conspiracy Theory

It's been a great year for Rogues Unlimited.

Their company mission is to place rogue individuals into various positions in companies and public bodies. The rogue's job is, simply, to do all the rogue stuff that absolutely no other employees do - honest, guv - and then take the blame later. It may seem pointless, but if you can think of a better explanaation for how the banks, the Church, the Met, journalism and MPs all have random outbreaks of rogue behaviour then I'd like to know what it is.

I've heard a rumour that Rogues Unlimited have managed to place a couple of their scientific experts into certain key experiments at CERN. If that's the case then you'd probably expect to find, at this time of financial stringency all round, that they were behind the announcement of some completely spurious scientific results, whereby the success of the centre could be established beyond belief. Obviously that wouldn't be clear at the time. It would be years later that, charged with systemic malpractice, the directors announced  "rogue scientists" had been behind it.

I wonder if there's any truth in it?

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  1. Rogues unlimited has placed one or two in the House of Bishops of the CofE. Their wrecking amendments for the Women as Bishops measure has worked ever so well.

    Off course, they'll be able to blame it all on the Traditionalists who were unable to accept the ministry of women, when we know that they were planted to ensure that male supremacy remains intact. And a jolly good job they have done with it.


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