Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Calmer, More Refreshed Archdruid

A good night's sleep last night.

Reading back over yesterday's posts, I note that I sounded rather like Reggie Perrin at the point that it all became too much for him. Which may explain why I filled the Duck Pond with orange jelly, left my clothes in a pile next to it, put on a false beard and fancy chasuble, and went back into the Great House claiming to be the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury. Still, I'm better now.

Bad news on next September's "Finding a Better Way" meeting, though. Burton has pointed out to me that September is the "Month of Meetings for Beaker Unity". Looks like sometime in 2014, then.

Wish I could find some way of getting this beard off.


  1. I did point out the toxicity of Beaker Cider and sherry, it's obvious that you didn't take the hint of temperance.

  2. For cases of persistent rust I recommend iron tablets.


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