Friday, 12 October 2012

Home Matters More than School

A report in the Telegraph tells us that it's the home environment makes all the difference to children's academic success.

Its a shock to me. When I went to BNC the place was full of Old Etonians, Wykehamists and Stoics. I used to think it was because the schools they went to were better than the comprehensives of the land.

Now I discover that wasn't the case. It turns out they actually had better parents. Who'd have thought it? It's the same the whole world over, it's the poor what gets the blame etc etc.


  1. As my public school headmaster used to say: "Give me the boy and I'll give you the psycho."

  2. How are Beaker children educated?

    1. At the "Little Pebbles" free school. The Quantum Chemistry and barcode lessons are top-notch. The sociology is rather flaky, but I put that down to Old Mr Hitchens, the teacher.

  3. I bet those "Stoics" weren't much fun at parties :)

  4. It's like that old statement that the best predictor of school peformance is previous school performance, which kind of points out the difficulty if what you want is to change the previous, poor performance.


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