Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Pointless Freebie

I noticed on Sunday that one of our newspapers (the Times, I think) was running an offer. Every paper came with a "Giant Hobbit Poster".

I may be missing something, but isn't that the same as advertising an "Average-sized Human Poster"?


  1. Life is full of useless freebie's. Most come through my letterbox daily, so I now have a recycling box placed strategically under the box to save the effort of doing it manually.

    And, of course, it works for those Red bill notices as well.

    The other misleading freebie is the BOGOF notices in the supermarkets and elsewhere. You are paying for both, albeit, at a slightly reduced price.

    The other misleading term is 'Loss Leader' applied to things like alcohol being sold cheaply? Because the supermarkets buy it in bulk at discount rates from their suppliers and shift huge volumes, generating a profit margin, which while small per pack, is huge due to the volume.

    There is nothing free in life, except death. No charge for dying, but the subsequent waste disposal comes very expensive. Still, if you've just died, it costs you nothing, as someone else has to pay.

  2. And how on earth have they managed to make a trilogy out of one average-length children's book? Talk about biggering....

  3. Nobody should post giant hobits,post peoples elf and safety would object and they'd starve in cold PO depots undelivered, so im not surprised that such people are being given away free.
    BTW : bill stickers is innocent ok.


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