Sunday, 4 November 2012

Festival of Transferred Festivals

A packed programme today, as we try to squeeze in all the things those people who "work" have missed during the week.

Work,as I'm sure is clear from the early chapters of Genesis, is a terrible burnden. To be sure, if it didn't raise the freewill offerings and room deposits, I'd discourage people from doing it.

9am - Samhain (get there on time, we're down to our last Wicker Person).

10am - Commemorating the Glorious Departed

12 noon - Commemorating the more routinely but still worthily (and much-missed) departed.

2pm - In Memory of Laika

4pm - Liverpool against Newcastle (in the Room of Far-off Visions)

6pm - Nativity of Art Garfunkel. Anthem: Bright Eyes (Arr: John of Dunstable).

8pm - Guy Fawkes

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