Sunday, 11 November 2012

"I wish there had been more."

The quote comes from Roger Waters, on the death of his Pink Floyd band mate Richard Wright. At this time of year, when November brings remembrances, it especially strikes a chord.

  • Could've seen your nan / dad / mum / auntie - but there was an important meeting, or you had to mow the lawn?
  • Chance to take a coach tour round "Summer Wine Country" or you could get in your car and head back to your hotel, thus saving eight quid?
  • Want to sponsor a child but you'd have to seal an envelope and walk to the pillar box?
  • Could catch up with a friend for a drink - but it's a ten-mile drive and it's raining?
  • On a holiday, but it's an extra 20 quid to see the dolphins?
  • Had a talent but practice was hard?
A day is coming when all the money is written off, all the wasted time is thrown away, all the short-term conveniences are discounted. What will be left? If the answer is "I wish there had been more", what was the point? Just what was the point?

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