Saturday, 3 November 2012

In Memory of Laika (1957)

Archdruid: Today we remember Laika, bravest dog of all.

All: She soared like a star into heaven.

Archdruid: She sailed like a bird around our blue orb

All: And touched the face of God.

Archdruid: We will now have a one-minute "wuff" in memory of Laika.

All: Wuff! Wuff! (Continues for one minute)

Hymn: I lost my heart to a star-ship trooper.

Burton: I bet she was looking forward to a walk when she got back!

Archdruid: Oh no, she never got back....

Burton: What, so she's still up there? They must have packed an enormous amount of supplies in that rocket.

Archdruid: There's no easy way to say this, Burton. She lasted a couple of hours.

Burton: There was an accident?

Archdruid: She was always meant to die.

Burton: Oh. Can we stop this now? I'd just like to go and.... ponder what the scientists thought they were doing.

Archdruid: Yes. I think it's a good idea if we all do.

All exit.

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  1. A very good idea... What can we hope to learn from space if we haven't learned how to be in relationship with the other creatures on our own planet? As a child I thought the story of Laika in space was wonderful; I well remember my own Burton-like moment of revelation many years later.

  2. I disagree only on one point, "the bravest dog of all".
    Bravery suggests that one, human or otherwise, knows the risks and volunteers knowingly.
    How much choice did poor little Laika have?

  3. None, I suspect, poor little scrap.


    1. Careful just posting links, CB - makes you look like spam to Blogger.

  5. I had a premonition that THIS liturgy would end sadly.


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