Monday, 24 December 2012

A Mis-sold Christmas

Have you been mis-sold snow at Christmas?

Were you told there'd be peace on earth?

Instead did it keep on raining - a veil of tears for the virgin birth?

Did you believe their promises of a dream Christmas, and a fairy story?

Were you encouraged to invest in a Silent Night?

Across the country, millions of people will be waking with a yawn in the first light of dawn, to see Santa through his disguise.

If you've been encouraged to believe in the Israelite, but have looked to the skies with excited eyes to no avail, you could be entitled to compensation. Here at Greg, Lakes and Partners, we fight to ensure you get the pealing bells, Christmas tree smells and eyes full of tinsel and fire you're entitled to.

It may not snow this year - but you can still believe in Father Christmas!

Terms and Conditions apply. If you win, we keep all the presents.


  1. I don't know why Christmas isn't moved to a snowier time of year, like February or March.

  2. Given that we have to trek all over the country in horrible weather to see relatives, usually when we are just going down with or suffering from colds and flu, I don't understand why we can't have Christmas in the summer when transport is safer and more reliable and we are feeling better.

    I mean why can't we just move it to the summer solstice and stay at home in winter. After all, up until recently people couldn't/didn't have to travel all the over place in winter. If they had had to do all that I am sure the summer would have been the main time.

    As it is we have barely recovered from the winter binge before we are launched into Easter.

    There must be a better way.

  3. Whatever, AE - thank you so much for it all and a very Happy and Blessed Christmas/Solsticetide to you and all at Husborne Crawley. To think this time last year I was completely ignorant - and innocent - of the existence of Cyber-Coenobites. (Not to mention Funambulist Baptists). Does that entitle me to compensation? I shall, after all, never be the same again...

  4. I shall celebrate Christmas whever I feel like it. It's far too good for only once a year.

    Once the turkey's finished, and the cooker is working again, I think I'll buy a goose and have another Christmas.


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