Monday, 17 December 2012

About the size of a Chestnut

Surprise this morning at the "Beauty of the Chestnut" workshop. We all assumed that Young Keith was going for the "Mother Julian" angle when we came into the Moot House. OK, we thought, a chestnut isn't exactly round - but then Julian saw the whole creation, not just the Earth - and maybe the universe would be a four-dimensional chestnut-shape if you could see it properly? So we picked up the chestnuts, planning to contemplate them reverently, admiring the graceful curves and beautiful markings. That wasn't a presentation tray Keith had them on. It was being kept warm by a little array of tea lights. The chestnuts were roasting, in an attempt to be festive. Then there's twenty of us running around with burnt hands, and the Beakers had already been poured out. Thought that didn't stop Burton putting his hand in anyway - and discovering that, swelling as it was, he couldn't get it back out. We had to bash the pot on a brick to smash it, before everyone rushed down to stick their hands in the brook. Then we couldn't remember whether it was twenty seconds, twenty minutes or twenty hours you're supposed to run burns under water for. We compromised on "until it's too cold" in the end, then made our way back to the Great House - burnt, cold and muddy. We won't be admiring the beauty of the Creation in a chestnut again.


  1. Nice. Do you all get any Black Walnuts there?

  2. I should think the chestnuts were pretty black by the end of it...

  3. And people's hands. They were pretty black.


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