Saturday, 1 December 2012

Creationist Accounting

According to the BBC, Free Schools will lose funding if they don't teach the Theory of Evolution.

Which is good news for the "Little Pebbles" Beaker Academy. We're going to teach the Theory of Evolution, just as Prof Dawkins intended.

We're also going to teach the Phlogiston Theory, Spontaneous Generation, a Flat Earth, that π is 3, that there are only four elements (plus phlogiston, of course), that unicorns can be trained by virgins, and that dolphins are telekinetic. If the only theory we have to teach right is Evolution, we might as well have some fun with the rest. After all, it's not like it's going to cost us anything.

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  1. Phlogiston: now why on Earth was such a lovely sounding word used for something that turned out not to be?

    (by the way, do the Beaker Folk have any method for exorcising the ghost of the Chemistry student I once was from my brain? I've just spent the past few minutes trying to work out how basic thermodynamics and heats of combustion and such would work if you had Phlogiston rather than oxygen. Being pelted with pebbles of different sizes is out of the question!)


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