Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Christmas Leftovers Service

It's all very well for ministers in mainstream denominations. They'll no doubt all be on their way off for some winter sun by now, having left care of the church to some random selection of stewards, elders, wardens and lay preachers.

But the point of being a religious commuinity is that we don't just shut up shop on Christmas morning, safe in the knowledge there's nothing to do till Epiphany. Oh no. For us, the cycle of prayer goes on.

Of course, for the Boxing Day festivities we don't go out and create wholly new stuff. We do the liturgical equivalent of what sensible people do with food - use the leftovers from Christmas Day.

So this evening's Post-Nativity Christingle 3 Lessons and a Carol service shoud be quite something. The Post-Nativity Play heavily features a bunch of shepherds sitting around in a field, reflecting that yesterday was very exciting but they're back at work now. The Christingles are all fairly workable but the sweets have all gone. And a few of the candles seem to have been consumed as well. And the Carol is a stray seven verses of "While Shepherds Watched", to the tune of "Bridge over Troubled Waters".

So it's a service in complete harmony with the feel of the day. It's gonna be..... yeah, well, probably OK.

More turkey?

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  1. If everyone left for the sun, there'd be no-one to pray for the rain to stop.


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