Saturday, 26 January 2013

Doing the Numbers

Major victory of mine at the Moot today. I've had it agreed that any future vote on Male Archdruids, or any vote on changing the rules on voting for Male Archdruids, will require a 3/2 majority to be passed. Those people who thought they were voting for a liberalisation of the rules, assumed it was a misprint and I meant 2/3.

Those who worked out what I was up to complained afterwards that there's no way you can get a 3/2 majority. Which is rubbish - that's exactly what I got when I was elected Archdruid in the first place.


  1. No surprises there.

    I really do like a totally 'fair' vote.

  2. Ever thought of joining the Methodists? We're far too democratic!


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