Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Foolishness of applying Science without Intelligence

So Burton's "Winter Wake-up" service was a bit of a disaster.

Burton extrapolated all the global warming projections of the last 25 years, and decided that the weather today would justify a water-based event. Hence, at great cost (personal, I hasten to add) he hired a load of punts, and encouraged us all to join in a chorus of "Jolly Boating Weather".

Well, the only members of the Community thay appreciated hopping around on freezing-cold punts on a frozen Duck Pond, in a light shawl of freezing fog" were ourr enclosed order of penguins, "The Little Sisters of the Holy Herring". Several of the human Beaker People ended up with borderline hypothermia.

I have explained to Burton Dasset the concepts of "scepticism", "sense" and "margin of error". But I think he's written too many computer programs in his life for any of these ideas to make any difference.

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  1. Isn't sceptical and doesn't understand handling unexpected errors, Burton can't have programmed on the Microsoft Windows platform then.


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