Monday, 8 April 2013

"Part of the Plan" - for Lady Day

This wasn't really part of my plan.

My plan was straightforward enough. A family wedding. Enough wine to go round. Plenty of going around, looking quietly happy.

Some kids. Ten, maybe? Maybe half to survive, though some might die young. I'm not saying it's without darkness, this plan, but it's the regular plan. Everybody else has it.

A quiet life - as long as some fool didn't go stirring the Romans up again.

Not an easy life.  But a decent man - Joseph's a decent man - he can help me throught the ups and downs as best he can. That was part of the plan - not for my way to be smooth, but to have someone help me through it.

But this wasn't really part of my plan.
This really wasn't part of my plan.
Was this really my part in the plan?

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