Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Barely Comprehensible

Catching up on some weird channel of the C4 family in search of that Grand Designs where a couple shoe-horn a house into Camden, I came across a Garnier antiperspirant advert in the break that confused me in two ways. Firstly they told us that 99% of 74 women agreed with some proposition or another. Which is very odd. As that means that 0.74 of a woman disagreed. How did they measure that?

But worse, apparently this spray comes with "Anti-Yoda protection". I really don't like this idea. Either my hearing's going, or the voice artist's diction is poor, or deodorants have gone over to the Dark Side. I'm hoping it's her diction.


  1. At least they aren't telling you that there is a special kind of extra-smelly sweat that women get when under stress, for example, when a good-looking guy eyes them, so they need to buy a particular brand of deodorant.

    Then there's the laundry product that enables you to avoid that nasty chemical bleach by providing you with something based on hydrogen peroxide.

  2. The peroxide-infused bra would surely be the perfect solution to both problems?

    To be fair on the second, Peroxide breaks down to nicer things than chlorine-based bleach.


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