Saturday, 20 April 2013

Dancing in the Dews of Dawn

Yes, it's all very easy to blame me. Call me an old romantic if you like. But it's the Beaker way to dance in the dews of dawn.  And, of a sunny spring morn to do so barefoot.

But it's fair to say that this morning the dew was on the frozen side. The barefoot dancers aren't half as full of the joys of spring as they were expecting. They're all sat around the radiator now, trying to defrost. Don't know why that will help - I switched the gas off on 1 March. Still, if it works for them it's probably all right.

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  1. Given that GP dog, too, is full of the joys of Spring and leaves the evidence behind him, I prefer to gaze on the dews of dawn from a safe distance, curled up with a Nice Cup of Tea.


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