Friday, 5 April 2013

False Idols

I don't know who's been selling the life-size inflatable Marcus Brigstockes, but can you please stop?

Most of the time, catching the sight of a bearded posh comedian out of the corner of my eye makes me worry that he's going to rush out and start shouting at me about the Little Pebbles Academy for the Children of the Believing Underachieving, accusing me of setting up a school for the purposes of indoctrinating the young and impressionable. It's not true, of course. I set the school up to make a profit by exploiting the "Free Schools" policy to soak money out of the tax payer, while marketing our exclusive range of school uniforms and compulsory worship aids. But still, it makes me nervous.

But the rest of time, I just find myself thinking that David Tennant has let himself go a bit. Now that is worrying.

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