Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Job of the Week

Are you a church minister fed up with all the jibes about only working one day a week?

Then why not be the Stonehenge Solstice Manager? You'll only have to work two days a year!


  1. Brilliant, I'm going for Halley's comet reception committee chairman myself.

  2. Won' they need an Equinox Manager as well?

    1. The geeky answer is that, unlike the Solstices, there are no clear Equinox alignments at Stonehenge that don't depend on wishful thinking (and that's not to say that people haven't tried).

      But that's not to say they should go wasting these marketing opportunities.

  3. However, if you wanted to be really geeky, and also make a move to warmer climes, you could apply for a job with Heritage Malta at their megalithic temples (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megalithic_Temples_of_Malta). The Mnajdra one, just down from Ħaġar Qim , has alignements for the equinoxes and solstice though, so slightly greater workload ;)


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