Thursday, 9 May 2013

T-Shirts of Peace

You know how it is. You're at the Evening Filling-up of Beakers, or whatever, and it comes to "exchanging the Peace" time. But how do you know what exchange of peace is appropriate with any given person? You look so much of a fool shaking someone's hand when they're into hugging. And you look more of a fool if you think you're on "hugging" terms but discover that the huggee of your choice just thinks you're at "curt nod of peace" terms.

So the answer is both efficient, and potentially lucrative. T-shirts of Peace, indicating just how far you'd rather other people kept from you. In any case of different levels of peace-sharing, the person expressing a preference for greatest personal space wins. Whereas, in normal peace-sharing situations, they always lose.


  1. "Just stay over there"... Boy, I could have used one of these before I became Orthodox. Love this site! Is there a way to subscribe?

    1. There should be a link in the right-hand side-bar of the desktop version of the site.

  2. Folding arms and snarling works well, one finds. Unless it's one's wife.

  3. Prior to attending a denomination other than my own, I'd never experienced The Peace. Finding myself somewhat lost in an unfamiliar liturgy, I was totally unsure what to do. I wondered if being Canadian (hugging) trumped liturgical precision (limp wrist handshake). And what to do about the snarling curmudgeon in the corner? It was almost traumatising.

    I could have done with one of these t-shirts least until I was there long enough to be come part of the problem.


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