Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Apocalypse Unfolds on Social Media

People are inviting their friends to play the new "Armageddonville" game. Others wonder if they'll ever reach the last level of Candy Crush.

The #suppersready hash tag is popular among formerly long-haired clergy in their 50s.

Many people wonder what Michael Fish would be forecasting now

The "CityofBabylon" commerce website is showing a holding page. The merchants of the earth weep, for their courier networks are no more.

Police tweet - "Please do not report outbreaks of pestilence on Twitter."

The #uklocusts web page gets a record number of visits.

A picture of a sad cat in front of an exploding litter tray goes viral.

Richard Dawkins is telling us that it's still more likely to be a hallucination.

Spoof 4square accounts for Jesus are checking in all over the place.

It's generally agreed that the End of All Things isn't as impressive as the Opening Ceremony.

There is a Twitter storm as people demand the use of the correct term, "Equestrians of the Apocalypse".

The lower teenage reaches of an atheist teenage subredit is full of sniggers that "Whore of Babylon" sounds a bit rude.

#itoldyouso is trending.

John Prescott tweets to blame David Cameron, and says we'd have had 1,000 years of peace under Labour.

Ricky Gervais tweets respect for the One person who's clearly got a bigger ego than he has.

Numerous "God" and "Jesus" accounts are deleted. The owners wonder whether the heavenly cache will last longer than Google's.

Someone on Facebook posts a photo of herself and her family, afflicted with boils. It gets 87 "likes".

On Google Plus, someone wonders whether this is more like a Postmillennial or Amillennial of the Apocalypse. Nobody responds.

This is the way the world ends - not with a bang, but a Twitter.

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