Monday, 1 July 2013

Richard Gets Out

I'd like to apologize to the Internet for the outbreak of trolling that little Richard has got carried away with.. He normally tries to keep himself under control, just snatching a few tweets when the satellite is in the right place, but yesterday he snuck out and managed to hook upon onto our WiFi. It was two days before we were able to get a couple of guard-wolves to wrestle him back into his cupboard.

People ask me why I keep an Oxford don locked in a cupboard in the China Room, and I always tell him it's becuase he's much happier there. He just likes to curl up on a couple of old jumpers and sleep most of the time. But we actually spent the afternoon discussing, through the keyhole, whether Seymour or Blamire was the best "Third Man" in Last of the Summer Wine. Richard prefers the more professorial Seymour, but I've always liked Blamire's childish ways.

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  1. I suppose Blamire is the trad answer, and it was tragic that Michael Bates was already ill when developing the character - but I must put in a word for the wonderful Foggy Dewhurst - old chaps who never really left the army were a feature of my childhood.

    I can't be doing with atheists within the purlieus of my establishment, but I do keep a fake Franciscan interfaith minister in my potting shed. My husband caught him stealing my bloomers off the rotary drier, and locked him in one night - and he refused to leave.Occasionally he hacks the wifi and posts comments on Holy Smoke.

    I return him every Thursday to his wife to do the heavy work on the allotment, but she doesn't seem to want him back permanently.


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