Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ritual of Circling

There's an old Beaker tradition (which I believe, though Eileen would never admit it, she stole off the Celtic Christians) of dancing around in circles. She refers to protective actions, marking out of sacred space, the symbol of perfection, etc etc etc.

Just a little hint, though. Having marked out your circle, lined up the dancers, arranged the Quire and set everybody going - try and make sure they all face the same way. When the anticlockwise group slammed into the clockwise one, it caused some fairly severe bruising.


  1. There is obviously a defect in your plan. Getting two separate groups to dance in circles in opposing directions at the same time would fail any sensible risk assessment.

    It's essential that you think carefully of the consequences of such poor planning - because having two groups rotating as you describe is a recipe for mayhem as you subsequently discovered. By all means let them dance, but one after another, so that there is no possibility of collision.

    Unless of course, mayhem was your intention all along.....

  2. And your next step can be to have dancing, singing and clapping simultaneously. The clapping must all be done at the same time, in rhythm.

    People who are somewhat rhythmically challenged will be grateful for the practice, and will come to enjoy it. Eventually.


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