Monday, 26 August 2013

Not-Enough-Faith Lunch

So it has been yet another of those "special" social events.

Today we have been holding a "faith barbecue". A pious twist on the old concept whereby everyone turns up with Value Pork Pies and nearly-out-of-code quiche, and the "faith" involved is hoping nobody gets food poisoning.

Unfortunately Hiraeth took it all too seriously. With far too much faith in other people's ability to read his mind, he turned up with a full-grown Aberdeen Angus bull. He did show remarkable faith -the faith  that somebody would have the ability to slaughter it, someone would have the necessary equipment and - possibly even less likely than the others - that the meat would miraculously be aged.

And I've no idea why he though transporting the animal in the back of a Ford Transit was sensible either. Let's just say it wasn't happy when it arrived. Seeing the lack of slaughtering and butchery equipment, Hiraeth accused everybody else of betraying the faith he had in them - which would normally have caused a certain amount of offence, if everyone weren't so busy running.

So I am blogging this from within the Doily Shed. We are all in here, barricaded away from a bull that, as far as we can tell, is busy running around the Olde Beaker China Shoppe we recently opened. We're hoping he tires out quickly and we can all get back to the barbecue - the good news is that, ignoring the instructions, Mrs Hnaef brought a load of quiche, and if we get out tonight it will still be in code.

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  1. That will be Papal Bull. Just stick your head out of the window of the doily shed and shout "Anathema Sit" and it should do the trick. These Traddies love it when you speak Latin to them.


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