Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Religious Collective Nouns

A failed compromise of Anglicans

A pair of 8am service communicants

An introspection of self-analysing blog posts

An unexpected presence of clergy on their day off / on holiday

A suspension of disbelief of church pronouncements on sexuality

A dissatisfaction of choristers

A lacy finery of Anglo Catholics

An immovability of PCC members

An ambush of lay preachers (outside the holiday season, when they get preaching withdrawal symptoms)

A drizzle of holes in the church roof

A neediness of religious bloggers

An encirclement of Church Wardens

A meaningless plethora of hashtags from social media events you didn't go to

A phonebox of Church AGM attendees

A vicious circle of Catholic tweeting

A bounding of undeserved grace to us


  1. An upper lip of baptist elders.

  2. An exhaustion of incumbents
    An anxiety of curates
    A fumble of sidesmen


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