Monday, 19 August 2013

The Weaker Sex

Dear Readers, I have written A Letter. It was the least that I could do. But something had to be done. Charlii is an unsuitable Archdruid, and it is time this was realised.

It is not as if Archdruid Eileen is unattractive - in a scary way. She has a brightness, a certain bounce in her step, a resemblance to my former school teacher. But, because she is so terrifying, and - let us face it - heading for 50 - I could still concentrate on the liturgy.

But now there is Charlii. Young, slim, in druidical outfits that may hide her curves from sight, yet do not hide them from the imagination. Her sermons may well be of the most spiritual nature, and yet all I hear is "come over here, geek-boy - I've got a lovely set of quadratic equations for you to unravel."

It is quite disgusting, and she should be ashamed of herself. Until we have a manly, hairy and- above all - unattractive male Druid in charge, I will not be able to listen to another word of the liturgy. Something Must Be Done.


  1. Burton you need to get a life, preferably with a partner who will soon disillusion you that attractive young women, even in druidical robes are not the best thing for a middle aged, geeky, bachelor.

    If you pop down to the WI, you might meet a nice, middle aged, widow or divorcee, who'd love to be with a geek such as you and will soon have you baking, flower arranging and such activities. And, you could also do the books for them as well. :)

    Problem solved without any blood shed.

  2. The spirit is willing but the WI is terrifying.


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