Wednesday, 9 October 2013

On the Eve of St Kirsty

Sad introduction:

Charlii: Your name froze on the winter air

All: An empty bench in Soho Square.

Charlii: Forgotten now, I turn away.

All: Just save me for a rainy day.

Charlii: But don't feel sorry.

All: I don't want to hear it, baby.

A latter-day Lady of the Lamp may wander through the Moot House.

Commination: Don't come the Cowboy with me, Sonny Jim

Diminution: My O my, you're such a big boy, on a Saturday Night 

Sad Reflection: What do Pretty Girls Do?

Recessional: (Feeling) My way Home

God bless you, Kirsty. We hope you felt your way home. 

Final Score: England 2 - Colombia 0. 

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  1. Not sure that Kirsty would feel that this is a fitting tribute, more a mockery.

    A solemn Requiem Mass would be more appropriate, but of course, that's not an option for the heathen worship in Husborne Crawley.

    Perhaps if the real Arch Druid came back from her Anglican Sabbatical, we'd get some real quality in Druidic worship in the community.


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