Saturday, 5 October 2013

Revenge of the Earless Rabbit

It was our own fault, and we should never have taken her so lightly.

Today's "Celebration of the Earless Rabbit" ceremony was meant to reflect the heroic way our earless bunny has overcome her earlessness, lived a full live, and doesn't miss her ears at all.

So we let her gambol around during the service, running wherever she wished, as part of celebrating her life.

Big mistake. Letting a vicious, human-hating rabbit run loose in a community where so many people are inclined to wear sandals.

Those that defend her say that she was merely confused - thinking that people's naked toes were actually carrots. But I say that, in fact, she is very annoyed about her lack of ears, wishes she always had ears, and was getting her revenge for us saying - on her behalf - that she is quite happy without them. Maybe we've all been wrong, to pre-judge her view on having ears. But I guess we'll never know.

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