Wednesday, 29 January 2014

In Praise of Long Grass

I'd like to thank Sneef for his invaluable discussion paper, "What Should We do About Those Things We Don't Want to Think About?" Erudite, learned, thoughtful, caring and, above all, indecisive. Which seems fair. Sneef has only spent seven years writing it, and he wouldn't want to jump to any hasty conclusions.

I'll be honest, I'd hoped that would be the end to the whole sordid matter. But two of the Beaker Fertility Folk just came in, and said they'd found the report in the long grass, and what was I planning to do about it? Obviously I thanked them for discovering it. I'd have kept it myself, but I'd forgotten quite where I'd kicked it. And I asked them what they had been doing in the long grass, but they said I'd probably rather not think about it.

So, anyway. Sneef's conclusion about what to do about the things we'd rather not think about, was that we ought to think about them. And to that end, I think we shall set up some groups to think about the things we'd really rather not think about.

Except, of course, that's naturally a thing we'd really rather not do - whether the thinking should be done or not. You wouldn't want to rush into thinking about things you'd rather not think about, without having a good think about it.

So I'm going to put in place a process of thinking about how to think about the things we'd not rather think about. In this way, we can move the process forward, without at any point actually having to think about the things we'd rather not think about. Then once we've had a really good think about that, we'll have a really good idea about how to move forward with the whole "thinking about things we'd rather not think about" agenda.

So I hope that's clear. The people who found Sneef's report did ask me when I expect we'll be cutting the long grass this year. But I don't know. I might let it grow wild this year. It's quite a handy place for things to be hidden. Things that you'd rather not think about.


  1. It's interesting that the things that we'd rather not think about seems to be causing so much not thinking about it. I've always been very mindful that not thinking about things is quite a good way to live. It stops us thinking about, thinking about things we'd rather not think about.

    I've also found that not forming small groups to discuss things that we'd rather not think about, is an excellent way to proceed, because if we have small groups to not think about, things we'd rather not think about we'd only think of forming smaller committee's to discuss how we'd run the small groups to not think about, the things we'd rather not think about.

    In the end, the decision to allow the long grass to grow is something that we don't have to think about as we've not cut it to think about.
    Excellent place to kick all of that stuff that we'd rather not think about and the other considerations such as pink t-lights and black t-lights for Sunday school.

  2. I don't know what to think but I think UK Viewer's thinking is rather good. I shall think about it.

  3. Suggest tabling it at the next Moot Hall meeting, during the Let's-all-sit-mutely-looking-at-our-hands-and-praying-someone-else-will-say-something agenda item.


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