Thursday, 2 January 2014

LIturgical Blackmail

Just been shown Old Arfur's will. He was a wiley old soul - died while I was away, and Charlii, by all accounts, gave a wonderful talk. As ever, the council wouldn't let the Beaker Folk have a proper Beaker funeral - i.e. they weren't allowed to leave Arfur on a wooden platform for his flesh to be consumed by the birds of the air. And they talk about diversity.

So anyway. While Arfur was alive, he was always banging on about wearing the correct liturgical outfit - in his own opinion. He'd been to the Windmill Hill Folk of Wymondham - that cathedral of alt.lit - and was most taken by what he considered to be the "proper" pointy hat. Of course, while he was alive we could keep him under control, and generally just ignore him.

Not now, though. In his will he has left the money to purchase an official "proper" druidic pointy hat - hi-viz green with a strip of flashing blue LEDs up it and a small wind turbine at the top. Seven years I've spent refusing to wear one of these. But it's a bequest, aint't it? And the family will be every so offended.

I guess I've got no choice.

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  1. You've just reminded me of what I miss from my old church.
    Advent just isn't the same without that tasteless chrome advent candle thingy that was gifted to us. Mind you, our benefice does have a statue of Mary that has been shunted between the churches; it's known as 'the Madonna with the bunch of bananas because of her out of proportion hands.
    It takes at least two generations to dispose of such gifts.


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