Saturday, 11 January 2014

Not Only a Satellite

A wonderful moment out there. Seeing the clearness of the sky, Charlii and I headed out into the cold with the four-inch reflector telescope.

And we did, before the mist started closing in. But while I was faffing around trying to get Jupiter into the viewfinder, and Charlii was getting the binoculars out of the case to get a look at the half-moon, an absolutely gorgeous shooting star fell down between the two - like a lantern dropping from the sky, dying in the air.

It just goes to show - if you look up, you may see what you're looking for. But if you keep your eyes on heaven, there's other wonders you'll see that you didn't even expect.

So an enjoyable evening. But I was a bit surprised at the new plant we just saw in the middle of the lawn. Kind of drumming quietly to itself. And that was a very odd flower it had. Looked more like a sting.


  1. Absolutely - but don't look at those shooting stars for too long, you might not notice that plant moving closer to the house... (JW fan)

  2. Not sure what you're on about, but shooting stars is only permitted with an appropriate license on the fifth Sunday of a month, when the rota permits random shots with either a Blunderbuss filled with paper doilies or an air rifle full of air.


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