Thursday, 9 January 2014

Theme Night Cancelled for Scriptural Reasons

Sorry, everybody. I know you were all looking forward to the Theme Night tonight. A combination of nostalgic sounds, worship, dress and then a classic period buffet, as part of our "Through the Decades" culinary worship thread.

The "Sounds of Living Water" worship, with accoustic guitars and maracas, would have been fine. But then when I told Drayton Parslow about the Occasion, he told me that the prawn cocktail starter, cocktail sausages on sticks and pigs in blankets were all banned in the Bible, as were women wearing poly/cotton mix trousers. He's obviously in one of his terribly-literal moods. And he did threaten to turn up with three friends from the Thornborough Baptist Church (they're like Westboro Baptists, but they wear tweed) to picket. So, to be on the safe side, I'm pulling the event.

Who would have guessed it? Turns out Leviticus condemned the Seventies.

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  1. at least you won't have to pay Betty Pulkingham any royalties


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