Sunday, 2 February 2014

All-Purpose Midsomer Murders Spoilers

The vicar will be creepy, and will apparently live in the church.

The neo-pagan cult will be sinister and yet oddly cuddly. They won't be guilty.

The landlord will be suspicious and unfriendly.

The pub locals will be suspicious and cliquey.

The Indian take-away is unlikely to feature.

The Barnabys' lovey-dovey act will be annoying.

Somebody's ex-lover will be somebody else's current lover and somebody else's current spouse. And vice-versa.

The People in the Big House will get involved.

The most famous guest star will have dunnit.


  1. What is it with Midsomer and the clergy? The female clergy are usually even weirder and a million miles away from any of my acquaintance.

  2. I always expect the killer to be the butler? But they nearly always turn out to be respectable :( And the idea of murderous Vicars is so outlandish, that I'd never dream it could be them.

    No, it's got to be some one whose in a convoluted relationship with someone who died years ago under mysterious or disputed circumstances, and the motive is revenge/money/sex/vintage wine.

  3. Or an ancient blood feud over tractors.

  4. Or an ancient blood feud over tractors.


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