Saturday, 22 February 2014

"Sing it Kitty" - the ASA should act on this Cycling Safety Nightmare

It's all very well 3 using the concept of a "viral video", in its new "Sing it Kitty" video sensation. But look at the issues with it:

The little girl is riding on the pavement, thereby  endangering a passing senior citizen to the point where she drops her environmentally friendly garden waste collection bag. This could have contained sharp sticks or thorns, resulting in a nasty laceration.

Neither the girl nor the cat is wearing hi-viz.

Wellington boots are poor footwear for cycling in.

Despite being in a bicycle basket that clearly does not meet ISO safety standards, the cat is  not wearing a helmet.

There are no lights on the bike. At any moment, the arrival of fog or an unexpected solar eclipse could give real visibility problems.

The child repeatedly punches the air, meaning she is clearly not in charge of her vehicle. This is exacerbated by having what is clearly an abnormally intelligent feline in the basket. At any time the cat  - which is obviously not in s normal state of mind - could grab the handlebars, causing disaster.

She constantly takes her eyes off where she is going, to look to the skies.

Somebody is spraying the pavement with water, risking flooding and making the pavement a potential slip hazard.

There is nothing for it. The Advertising Standards Agency must act now.

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