Thursday, 20 February 2014

Supporting Father Sam Norton

I would like to put this simply.

This blog likes Fr Sam Norton.  And has no time for Lord Deben.

I was there, at Greenbelt in the late 80s, the day the then John Selwyn Gumboot announced that the good thing about Greenpeace was that it tolerated different opinions. Oh how we laughed. Until that French submarine sank our tent, at any rate. He's probably still wondering what was so funny.

This was the man, let us not forget, who fed burgers to his daughter to prove that ordaining women was wrong. And joined the Catholic Church to complain about mad cows. A man whose career was so disreputable, that he now has to pretend to be a completely different person, to be allowed into the House of Lords.

The thing about Fr Sam is, whether right or wrong, he's going to think deeply and apply some serious Christianity and charity to the situation. Thing about Lord Deben Gumboot, he's a career politician who force-feeds small children with dangerous meat to try and keep his party out of trouble. I know who I'd go to dinner with.


  1. So when is your dinner with Lord Debden scheduled? We will all come and jeer.

  2. You're too kind :) I'll bring the wine


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