Saturday, 31 May 2014

Because Doing Something Hard is Worth It

First trip to something social with Charlii ,"After the Ordeal", as it were, last night.

Much the safest option for a companion. Burton Dasset is another big Genesis fan in the Beaker Folk, but he's been ordered to go on his own, tonight. Two years ago, I made the mistake of  letting him buy the tickets. He's been talking about our "date" ever since.

Much respect for love and craft must go to G2 Definitive Genesis. I mean, let's be fair. When choosing who to be a tribute band to, One Direction was never going to be an option. But to play as a tribute act to Genesis - a group of radical key changes, unexpected time signatures and amazing vocal dexterity - can you have vocal dexterity? Whatever. Anyway, the point is you've gotta love what you're doing. You've gotta have determination. And the nett result of years of hard work is just three hours of wonder - albeit shared with 400 other people, and a camera crew.

And I was just in the middle of thinking this, just during an exquisite passage from Ripples - Piers's keyboard adroitly conveying to us the thoughts of Tony Banks under the mourning for lost youth of such a bittersweet song. And then Charlii leaned over and said,

"Oh, this is my Nan's favourite."

I will be reviewing the terms of my will later. I may leave some money to a home for superannuated accountants, after all.

But my main point really is this. In a world of easy leisure, where BGT promises fame and fortune without work or talent and the thought of just doing what you like is encouraged, it is still true that, to produce something of real meaning, hard work is generally required. To play for England, to produce the guitar intro to "Blood on the Rooftops", to live a life or die a death worthy of the God who gave us life - these are hard things. Just being happy all the day isn't enough. There aren't setbacks, struggle, pain and loss along the way.

Anyway, must be off. It's the " Scented Tea Light Hour". Pure spiritual experience in paraffin wax and essential oils. I bet the old monks wish they'd thought of it. Would have saved them all that prayer and copying Bibles.

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