Monday, 26 May 2014

Election Results - Market Sodsbury European Constituency

Bertie Wooster (Jolly Good Bloke, Hurrah for Tweed Trousers Party) - 30%

Mrs McCorkadale (Blister on Society Party) - 27%

Ginger Winship (In awe of Strong Intelligent Women Party)  - 25%

Madeleine Basset (Stars are God's Daisy Chain Party) - 12%

Roderick Spode - lost deposit

Reginald Jeeves - did not stand. Did not need to. Remains in control.


  1. Hearty congratulations to Mr Wooster and his campaign committee.

  2. I heard Mr Spode on the wireless this morning explaining that this result was actually a triumph for the black shorts and a clear demonstration that they are on course to with the forthcoming general election.

    The interviewer did not reveal whether or not, Spode was wearing footer bags.

  3. Miss Basset complained that there was absolutely no coverage of the Blessed Damozel in the media, which spent all its time trying to get photographs of Bertie Wooster looking stupid.


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