Wednesday, 14 May 2014

European Voting by Houses

How the Clergy are going to vote at the EU Elections

Mostly Labour, with quite a lot of Lib Dem and Green

How the Congregation tell the Clergy they are going to vote

Mostly Tory or Labour, with quite a few Lib Dem

How the Congregation are really going to vote 

Loads of UKIP and Labour, and not much anything else. Forget Green.


  1. Not sure if there's any empirical evidence, but it seems to me that those most concerned about immigration are those of a religious bent who fear their religion being compromised by an influx from an alien religion. The more Conservative oriented voters (and I guess you could also say UKIP) do, in general, seem to be of an Anglican persuasion. Probably to do with the intolerance of other religions that the monotheistic religions seem to breed.

    1. Can't agree. TheUKIP element seem motivated be selfish reasons. I suspect most are either atheist or simply attend church because that's what they've always done. Real Christians vote leftist.

    2. Real Christians SHOULD vote leftist, but I don't think they do. Most I have met are rather reactionary and very right-wing (with a capital C).

  2. Those most concerned about immigration - is racists - have a habit of espousing Christianity as an "English" or "British" religion as opposed to those nasty foreign Asian religions like Hinduism, Islam or... oh yeah, Christianity. Some more extreme right-wing groups in Britain and, more so I think, German actually espouse Odinism as a "proper" Aryan religion.

    The Jewish and Christian religions certainly have injunctions to love foreigners and exiles written throughout their shared books. Unlike homosexuality or eating prawns, there's no real debate about whether those bits still apply.

    The C of E is currently enjoying quite a revival in places because of an influx of Bible-believing Anglicans.

    So I think it's more complex than that.


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