Tuesday, 13 May 2014

In a Blasted Chinese Restaurant

Sister 1: Nah, forget the eye of newt.  I'll have spring rolls, chicken chow mein, and anyone want to share some spare ribs?

Sister 2: What, no toads?

Sister 3: Nope. They've got king prawns - they're kind of fishy......

Sister 2: What kind of a Blasted Heath is this?

Sister 1: It's not.  It's a blasted Chinese restaurant.

Sister 3: But who are those posh kids then?

Sister 1: They're a bunch of ever-so-clever types from Harvard. Come to celebrate a Black Mass to upset the authorities.

Sister 2: What, you mean that thing the Catholic Church made up so it could persecute poor folk like us?

Sister 1: Yep. They're challenging the hegemony of Catholic supremacy in a form that it invented out of its own imagination.

Sister 2: And while they're challenging the Church, what are these rich white kids going to do about the hegemony of the privileged white classes?

Sister 3: What do you think?

Sister 2: And they are aware that this kind of stuff was done by English college kids in the 19th Century? Based on a club that is older than their country, let alone their college?

Sister 1: That's history. This is America. Do I have to draw you a picture?

Sister 2: So they're endangering their souls as a petty act of rebellion that was first thought of three hundred years ago, in a ritual whose form was dreamt up by the people they're trying to annoy?

Sister 3: Pretty rock and spring roll, eh?

Sister 2: Ah well, I won't bother with the tongue of dog. I'll have a beef chop suey.

Ozzy Osborne: 'Ere! Whadda all these posh American kids doing here?

Sister 1: Shut up, Ozzy, and eat your bat.

Exeunt Omnes, pursued by the press.

* NB - the precise details of a childish thing done (or possibly not) by a bunch of young rich Americans are still uncertain. This recreation is for educational purposes only.

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  1. Ay, think so still, till experience change thy mind


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