Sunday, 18 May 2014

Midrash on "I am a Lighthouse"

I am a lighthouse
A shining and bright house.
If you are drawn to my light
You'll smash onto the rocks.
Because a lighthouse is a warning
It's not meant to be attractive.
Actually, when you think about it
a lighthouse is a very bad metaphor.
And Brighthouse sells you electrical devices you can't afford
at remarkable interest rates.
So thinking about it,
I'm not going to be singing this one again.
Doesn't make much sense
and has awkward connotations.


  1. And all lighthouses
    In the UK
    are now unmanned
    Just to add another awkward connotation to your

  2. So we would all be waiting around for a lifeboat that wasn't going to turn up.
    That Grace Darling has a lot to answer for.


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