Friday, 23 May 2014

Norfolk Police Plod On

Thanks to Bruvver Eccles for indicating the way to the proof that Norfolk Police have no idea what they are here for.

I presume that, if the story's right (they're often not), the sad little chap who was scared of the sign will now be campaigning to have the Bible banned. But I would just like to add one thing to the exciting photo the East Daily Press adorn their article with.

What on earth is he wearing? He'd best hope we're not judged on dress sense.


  1. I note that Bruvver Eccles cannot be accessed via Firefox because of a dispute over discrimination and intolerance relating to Mozilla's former CEO Brendan Eich and the OKCupid company - surely worthy of its own post by the Archdruid

    1. Yep, Bruvver Eccles is a real hardliner.

      I posted on this very subject here


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