Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Reality Religious TV

You know, it's time the Religious TV world got past Songs of Praise and people putting their hands on the screen to be healed. And re the latter - I tell you, that was the most extreme "Gardener's Question Time" I've seen.

The rest of the world has headed from actually creating anything, into only producing things in the "reality" genre a long time. But with a few exceptions, the world of religious programming never really caught up. So here's a few ideas. If a producer wants to discuss any of them, so we can you know where I am......

The Ex-Catholic Factor - A group of wannabe atheists explain why they still feel guilty

America's Next Top Modalist - Who will be the next heretic to grace American screens?

Embarrassing Baptists - People explain why their views got them thrown out of the Evangelical Alliance

Strictly Liturgical Dancing - People older than Bruce Forsyth dance round sundials to 1970s choruses

Keeping up with the Carmelites - Volunteers realise that just cos they don't wear shoes, that doesn't mean the nuns can't run

Red or Black - Can you guess the rank of the Catholic churchman from the colour of his biretta?

Donatist Whisperer - People with a strict view of church fidelity are introduced to the true meaning of grace.

Thuribles and Tiaras - Forward in Faith's Big Night Out

The Only Way is Walsingham - A bunch of priests go to the "Bull". Every night.

The 1900 Strict Baptist Church - A group of Strict Baptists recreate the way life was 100 years ago. It's exactly the same.

Anglo-Catholic Eye for the Evo Guy - Evangelicals are talked into ditching their tweed jackets, chinos and ties for fiddleback chasubles and maniples.

Changing Romes -  The Pope makes all the other Popes into saints when they least expect it.

Amorite Idol - Baal, mostly.

How Cold is Your Church? - Aggie and the other one try to determine how come, at absolute zero, it is still possible to sing hymns

Who wants to be a Millenialist? - Multiple-choice quiz in which people try to work out when the End will come.

Mythbusters - A bunch of people who wrote liberal theological books in the 60s admit they don't really believe in God.

I'm a Coenobite, Get me out of Here! - The monks who have had enough.

The Bachelor (Vatican)  - All of them.

Disinherited Big Brother - An Old Testament motif gag. Sorry to anyone who hasn't done that course.


  1. Well, a few of those might liven up the schedules...

  2. Too bad that they've already covered the Amish pretty thoroughly.


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