Thursday, 1 May 2014

A May Morning Traditional Song

Sumer is icumen in,
Loude sing Farage!
Tube trains strykke, get on thy bykke,
It's in ye garryge.
Sing Farage!

Boris lusteth after lass,
Cowell's on telly once aggen,
Stephen Frie twittering, Rees-Mogg wittering
Pour out gynne then!
Cuckou, cuckou,
We'll never know peace now:
Twelve-month till the polls now!

Sumer is icumen in is the earliest-know English "rota". It must have been a simpler time. Nobody got double-booked, and there's no mention of coffee.


  1. Enough to make us all sing "Mayday! Mayday!"

  2. Enough to make one want to jump off a bridge!

  3. 'Sumer' suggests pre English etymology. As Wiki has it, "Sumerologist Samuel Noah Kramer asserts "No people has contributed more to the culture of mankind than the Sumerians" and yet it is only comparatively recently that we have built up a knowledge of the existence of this ancient culture.[12] Sumerian civilization took form in the Uruk period (4th millennium BC), continuing into the Jemdat Nasr and Early Dynastic periods. During the 3rd millennium BC, a close cultural symbiosis developed between the Sumerians (who spoke a language isolate) and the Semitic Akkadian speakers, which included widespread bilingualism.[13] The influence of Sumerian on Akkadian (and vice versa) is evident in all areas, from lexical borrowing on a massive scale, to syntactic, morphological, and phonological convergence".


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