Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Crushing Metaphor

A hard afternoon at the "throw the badly-used Trinitarian analogy at the preacher" challenge. The preacher using the example of  the Trinity being like an egg got splatted, the apple fan got rather bruised. But never use the example of a washer-tumble drier for the Trinity. It took us ages to haul it up above the pulpit And we're still trying to get Mogwyn out from underneath it.


  1. So I guess the "How do you get 3 elephants into a fridge" metaphor is a no-no too.

  2. That's the problem with metaphors - they're so, well, metaphorical. One man's bad art is another's metaphor - or am I getting too metaphorical?

    1. I think your metaphor is Bruvver Eccles' elephants in the room.


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