Wednesday, 18 June 2014

"Stop Being Beastly to my Mates" - James Corden

James Corden weighs into the whole 'how boring is Phil Neville" debate by saying we're all mean, and it doesn't matter because it's only Twitter anyway.

"Who are we to say that anyone's commentary is bad until you've sat in that seat and actually done it?" asks the popular laddish comedian.

Well, unless the rules have changed, we're the people who pay for the BBC, and therefore Phil Neville's wages. Which I think should give us a voice. We don't have to be better than people we pay to have an opinion.

Phil Neville is knowledgeable. He's been there. He's just very boring.  With voice coaching, guidance, practice he could be good. Currently he's boring.

No doubt about it, he got a rotten lot of abuse. Some plain wrong. It shouldn't happen. But he got it when he was a player.

But he was very boring. I hope he gets better.

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