Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Extraordinary Time

Now we're through Solstice, and even the lustiest Beaker Fertility Folk are back from the woods after St John's Eve, I've been able to take a serious look at the forthcoming calendar.

And it's a bit lacking in liturgical light 'n' shade. Only Lammas to look forward to. And that's dull.

So to cheer us up, I'm adding into the calendar some extra days for Beaker Saints. In this case, to preserve some semblance of spirituality, I will be ensuring that their names, at least, are vaguely religious.

25 June - Eli Wallach (RIP)

29 June - John Bishop

3 July - Thelonius Monk

6 July - Simon Templar

10 July - Monkfish of the Yard

15 July - John Deacon from Queen

18 July - Greg and Ian Chappell

20 July - Bruvver Eccles

22 July - Ian St John

26 July - Herman's Hermits

28 July - Cannon and Ball

31 July - Charlotte Church

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Bruvver Eccles. He looks extremely interessin an is blog roll luiks lik a lorra gaffs. (L a f f s you stupid auto crrct.)
    I may have fun there.


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