Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Very Grumpy Ogre

Once upon a time, there was a Very Grumpy Ogre. And the Very Grumpy Ogre was grumpy because all the other people in Fairyland believed in a land called "Earth", where magic didn't work and instead of flying, people used petrol and electricity to get around in carriages that weren't pulled by rats turned into horses. And godmothers weren't fairies, they were just friends of little Kayleigh or Thor, who were happy to make some promises in a cold building.

And then the ogre would say it was ridiculous that people believed in science,  and that magic was the only thing mattered. And he would go and see his friends the trolls, who used to wear anoraks. And some of them - but not, I I have to stress for legal reasons - the Very Grumpy Ogre - used to hang around on the Magebook social crystal ball network, and cast rude anonymous comments towards beautiful princesses. But not all trolls.

There's not a fairytale ending. One day the Very Grumpy Ogre discovered that actually it was he who was living in the make-believe world, and he ceased to exist. And nobody lived happily ever after.

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  1. What, no happy ending ?!!! Isn't it required by law for all Fairy Tales to have Happy Endings?


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