Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Meeting the Challenges of Ministry - Quiz Results

Inspired by David Keen's piece on talent and enabling, here are the answers to yesterday's "Meeting the Challenges of Ministry" quiz.

  1. The minister will just have to drive faster.
  2. The minister.
  3.  Some other church will find them.
  4. A trick question. You can't do 2 half-time posts unless the Government legislates for an 8 day week.
  5. .....always knows best.
  6. Other churches will have to contribute more.
  7. Yes, you are an exceptional case.
  8. The minister.
  9. The group cannot make any decisions until s/he gets there from the other meetings. Have a cup of tea while you wait.
  10. Somebody else's service will have to shift.
  11. The minister.
  12. No, she's too young.
  13. No. The Grest Commission applied to other people.
  14. The minister.
  15. The memorials. The current congregation won't be around long, anyway.
  16. Because it makes the choir nervous.
  17. He'll have to learn the mouth organ.
  18. Exhausted.
  19. Over her dead body.
  20. Because it didn't work last time.
  21. Because it's an innovation.
  22. It doesn't matter if nobody is there. The important thing is that it happens.
  23. The minister.
  24. Write a letter to the bishop.
  25. Only if he time travels.

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